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Alpine Securities USVI, LLC

Over the years, Alpine Securities USVI, LLC has been involved with numerous charitable initiatives on the island and focused on investing in the youth.  


According to the College Board, 935 (out of 1600) is the average mean SAT score of 635 high school students who took the SAT in the VI during the 2017-18 school year. While the SAT score is not a measurement of the students’ intelligence, potential or success in life, it can dictate their college choices and career paths.  


Alpine's SAT Prep & 1000 Words Challenge

Alpine's SAT Prep & 1000 Words Challenge aims to help students:

1) familiarize themselves with the SAT exam (it is estimated that only a few take a mock test before taking the official test), practice regularly and ultimately improve their SAT scores; and also 

2) develop their knowledge of essential words that are critical to succeed in & beyond college. (Higher vocabulary level is linked to greater intelligence/confidence.)

Currently only available for students attending a public high school in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.